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How Extreme Waterproofing Tapes Seal Against the Hardest Conditions

Posted by Jason LaFavre on Aug 12, 2022 12:05:53 PM
Jason LaFavre
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When it comes to working outdoors, there is no shortage of extreme environmental conditions (like extreme cold weather) that require aggressive adhesive tapes for waterproofing applications. Some waterproofing tapes have thinner adhesive and backing (20 – 35 mils) allowing for better conformability and ease with specific joints and protrusions. However, extreme applications require protection from water intrusion and UV Rays, and selecting a thicker adhesive tape (50+ Mils) with UV Stable backing can provide longer-lasting durability.

Applications may include:


Waterproofing Tape In Extreme Conditions

An important consideration with extreme waterproofing applications is ensuring the elastomeric adhesive bonds securely to the project substrate. The right adhesive product will bond to a variety of materials including metals, plastics, roofing materials, wood, gypsum, concrete, brick, fiberglass, and numerous painted surfaces.

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With all applications, the most vital step is surface preparation. The surface must be clean and dry, with no oils, grease, or loose debris. Remove salt and other contaminants by pressure washing with a suitable detergent followed by a freshwater rinse. Rust and other adhered foreign matter should be removed by scraping or wire brushing followed by a solvent wipe. Proper surface preparation will ensure the thicker adhesive will provide a watertight seal with any difficult surface.

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When faced with difficult applications, it may be necessary to select a 50 + mil adhesive tape for improved protection against water intrusion and exterior weathering factors. This will vastly improve the waterproofing system and ensure quality performance with a strong durable UV Stable backing, and pressure-sensitive elastomeric adhesive that will provide ease of application and extreme sealing capabilities.

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