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4EvaSeal Cold Weather Installation and Performance Study

Posted by Daniel Libby on Oct 5, 2021 1:00:00 PM

4EvaSeal Cold Weather Installation and Performance StudyOur 4EvaSeal products use an aggressive elastomeric adhesive that does not need a primer when applied above 40°F.  In colder weather 4EvaSeal Primer is used to help provide initial adhesion or green strength. The tape can be applied at temperatures as low as -20°F. The only requirement is that the surface is dry before the application of the primer. Some customers will use a heat gun to assure the surface is dry before application, but the surface temperature does not need to be maintained during the tape application. Lower surface temperatures will cause the primer dry time to be longer, always be sure the primer is dry to the touch (no transfer to finger) before applying the tape. 

For long-term storage of the 4EvaSeal Products, ideal storage temperatures are 50-90°F. Both products can be stored in colder temperatures for weeks and even months without affecting the long-term performance of the system. Since this tape system uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive the tackiness of the 4EvaSeal will be lower the colder the roll temperature is.

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If the supplies to be used within a day can be kept a little warmer you will have higher initial adhesion which can help with inspections. If a cold tape is applied under tension to a cold surface, there may not be a high initial adhesion, but with time the adhesive will soften, and a permanent bond will form. 

The installed tape system can be left exposed to temperatures as low as -40°F without affecting the performance or waterproofing performance of the tape.  

Compared to competitive brands 4EvaSeal Tapes outperform in adhesion and tensile properties prior to and after aging. 

AAMA 711-05 Thermal Cycling Test Results 

Chart 1: AAMA 711-05 Thermal Cycling Test Results


Tensile Properties lbin

Chart 2: Tensile Properties lb/in4EvaSeal Free Sample Banner

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