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What to Consider When Choosing a Manufacturer to Custom Coat Tapes

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Mar 7, 2022 1:27:32 PM
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When choosing an adhesive coating technology for specific films, it is important to find the right supplier that can offer solutions in coating capabilities, custom converting, and labeling & packaging that best meets your needs.

Manufacturers of vapor barriers, underlayments, flashings and tape often lack the adhesive technology needed for their films.

When this occurs, these manufacturers rely on outside suppliers of specialty adhesives to custom coat their films and convert the coated film into individual rolls. Determining what type of adhesive to use requires consideration for the performance expected from the adhesive and the material of the film.


Properties of Common Adhesives

Some common adhesives used today are butyl, acrylic, asphaltic, and polymeric technologies. Just like anything else, choosing the right adhesive will depend on the application and environment.

Asphaltic adhesive will provide a low-cost option, but it can lose adhesion properties when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Butyl performs better in extreme temperatures and retains flexibility and durability over time compared to asphaltic products.

Acrylic will provide superior bonding strength to polar surfaces and will have a higher propensity of withstanding long-term UV exposure, but it will come at a higher cost while having poor adhesion to low-energy surfaces.

Polymeric adhesives provide an aggressive, more flexible option with vast properties, offering a permanent bond that will weather all conditions in the construction industry. Additionally, polymeric adhesive will be a cost-effective solution with durability and bonding strength on most non-polar, low-energy materials.

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All adhesive technologies serve their purpose in the industry regarding specific applications and cost-effectiveness. It is important to evaluate all options when determining what adhesive to choose.


What to Consider When Choosing a Toller to Manufacture Custom Tapes

Coating and converting capabilities may also be important.  Specific product specifications that should be discussed with the manufacturer are:

  • roll widths and lengths
  • slitting and coating capabilities
  • zone and spot coating
  • multi-ply configurations
  • adhesive thickness

Take careful consideration of these while establishing specifications for the development of a product. Having a supplier that can accommodate your requirements while being consistent and repeatable will greatly contribute to the overall success of the finished product.


How to Choose Packaging and Labeling

The last step in the process is final packaging. Oftentimes, a custom coated film requires custom packages and labels to accurately describe product contents.

Finished rolls can be packaged in a number of ways, including:

  • Bulk packed in boxes on pallets
  • Shrink-wrapped and labeled
  • Packed in boxes as unwrapped rolls
  • Boxes in master cartons
  • Fully labeled, shrink-wrapped rolls in printed boxes



As discussed, there are many elements to consider aside from the custom coating itself. It is essential to find a comprehensive solution that meets all expectations involving custom film, adhesive coating, converting, packaging, and labeling that meets unique applications and market needs.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these solutions further, reach out!

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