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Reinforce Your Waterproofing System with Multifunctional Fabric Tape

Posted by Jason LaFavre on Jun 9, 2022 8:41:32 AM
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When using acrylic roof coatings or other waterproofing systems, selecting a reinforcing fabric tape for detailed seams and transitions will provide cost savings and improved repeatability on the job site. Finding a fabric tape with already applied factory adhesive that permanently bonds to numerous building materials will significantly shorten the reinforcement timeframe while creating a permanent seal before the protective coatings process.


Advantages of Fabric Tape

The porous nature of the polyester fabric allows paints, coatings, or liquid-applied waterproofing products to soak in and bond aggressively to the top of the tape. It is imperative to use a fabric tape that is stretchable, so it can conform to the assorted irregularities prior to the coating process. Penetrations commonly found can be the electrical conduit, plumbing, or drains and scuppers.

Advantages of fabric tape include:

  • Designed to be painted
  • Adheres to most materials 
  • Applies easily to complex shapes
  • Strengthens the roofing, coating, or waterproofing over joints, seams, etc.
  • Assures proper film thickness for liquid-applied materials
  • Assists in bridging gaps between materials
  • Designed to expand and contract without any cracking within normal roofing temperatures.



Preparing a Surface for Fabric Tape

Although a self–adhered fabric tape will bond to most materials, surface preparation is extremely important. Surfaces must be clean and dry, with no oils, grease, or loose debris. Remove salt and other contaminants by pressure washing with a suitable detergent followed by a fresh water rinse. Rust and other adhered foreign matter should be removed by scraping or wire brushing followed by a solvent wipe.

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Fabric Tape in Your Operation

Reinforcing fabric tape is an easy-to-use, economical, and permanent sealing tape that can bond to many materials; including roofing membranes, metals, plastics, and most other surfaces. Fabric tape installation is easy! Utilize fabric tape with an elastomeric adhesive bonded to a woven polyester fabric backing for maximum conformability. Reinforcing fabric tapes are ideal in applications involving metal buildings, mobile homes, manufactured housing, travel trailers, RVs, and utility trailers. It can also be used to seal skylights, metal roof seams, flashings, penetrations, tears, fountains, tanks, planters, plaza decks, etc.

Tape Selector Guide

Interested in learning more about fabric tapes? Contact us here, and let's discuss how fabric tapes can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Fabric Tape

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