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Posted by Christian Silahian on Jun 7, 2017 8:40:48 AM
Christian Silahian

Roof picture copy.png4EvaSeal® tape stops leaks, stays bonded, and prevents costly damage to your assets.

4EvaSeal® products utilize an advanced elastomeric adhesive to bond aggressively to nearly all common construction materials. It forms a permanent bond and will not break down if exposed to water or water vapor.  Chase Corporation has been manufacturing elastomeric polymer and butyl sealant tapes for over 20 years. These products have only recently been made available under Chase’s brand of 4EvaSeal®. They were previously manufactured and sold under  private label for other companies.  

4EvaSeal® is easy-to- apply tape

4EvaSeal is easy-to-apply

4EvaSeal® is available with a wide variety of backings that meet the needs of just about any waterproofing challenge. The “backing” is the top portion of the tape that is exposed after installation. These backings include UV stable films, aluminum, and fabric. 4EvaSeal® is also offered in a double-sided format used for bonding, sealing gaps, or used in place of caulking 4EvaSeal® products are as follows:

  1. 4EvaSeal® Multi-Purpose Tape – UV Stable tape available in white, black, gray and tan.
  2. 4EvaSeal® Aluminum Tape – UV stable tape with heavy duty aluminum backing.
  3. 4EvaSeal® Fabric Tape – Tape with fabric backing ideal for painting over.
  4. 4EvaSeal® Double Sided Tape – All adhesive, moldable, use for bonding, filling gaps, and more!

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New this year is 4EvaSeal® Window and Door Flashing Tape. It uses a proprietary butyl adhesive for sealing around windows and doors.  It was designed toadhere to materials such as OSB in sub-freezing temperatures.  It is self-sealing, resistant to temperatures up to 300˚F, and compatible with PVC.  It is the ultimate high performance flashing tape.

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