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How to Select The Right Tape for Long-Term Performance

Posted by Nick Leuci on Jun 26, 2017 1:11:44 PM
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Applying 4EvaSeal tape to prevent leaksThere are many sealant tapes to choose from if you are you looking for a simple solution to seal a hole, seam, or tear in your single ply roof.  So, the question is, how do you choose the best tape for your needs?  Most are competitively priced, but are the quality of the tapes equal as well?

All Sealant Tapes Are Not Created Equal  

When comparing tapes, some of the most overlooked physical attributes are the thickness of the backing and the thickness of the adhesive.  The backing (the part of the tape exposed to the elements after installation) protects the sealant adhesive from damage and the environment.  UV (ultra violet) rays and weather can cause the backing to slowly breakdown and fail in some tapes.  This, in turn, causes the the adhesive to degrade quickly. These failures are usually not detected until water leakage has already done damage, resulting in costly repairs.

Cleaning surface to apply 4EvaSeal tape to prevent leaks in metal roofs


Thicker Is Better! – 

Thicker backings take much longer to yield to the effects of the sun, rain, snow, wind, ice, and dirt.   A thicker backing provides superior protection for long-term performance.  Compare 4EvaSeal Multi-Purpose Tape to other competitive brands.  4EvaSeal tapes are engineered to outlast tapes with the thinner backing materials. 

The adhesive thickness also plays an important role in the performance of the tape.  When pressing, or rolling, the tape into the surface, the adhesive is forced into tiny valleys, holes, and irregularities on the surface.  Tapes with small amounts of adhesive will struggle to fill these irregularities allowing pathways for water and air to fill the voids.

How Thick is 4EvaSeal? 

4EvaSeal Product Specification Comparison Chart

4EvaSeal tapes are designed to form a permanent seal against the elements.  Properly installed, these materials will often perform as intended for the life of the roof system.  4EvaSeal bonds aggressively and stays bonded when properly applied. 

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