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How to Repair a Rubber Roof Membrane

Posted by Nick Leuci on Jun 8, 2021 9:30:00 AM
Nick Leuci
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Surface Preparation Before Repairing a Roof-1“Rubber Roof” is a nickname for EPDM roof membranes. EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) is the synthetic rubber that is used to manufacture these roof membranes.

EPDM roof membranes are commonly used in a variety of applications including:

  • Commercial low slope roofing
  • RV’s
  • Pond liners
  • Waterproofing applications

Occasionally, EPDM membranes may become damaged or need repair. Repairs can be challenging as these membranes are difficult to stick to and may not be able to be repaired with new EPDM.

Repairing an EPDM roof with tapes is easy and cost-effective. Follow these steps:

  • Remove dirt, debris, dust, or other contamination.
  • Wipe the surface clean using acetone on a clean rag.
  • Cut the tape to size
  • Remove the release liner and install tape.
  • Use a roller to firmly press the adhesive into the surface.

Check out our latest video for step-by-step instructions on repairing EPDM membranes with our tapes.

More information on cleaning with solvents can be found on our blog:

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You can always contact us if you need more information.

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