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How to Install a Waterproofing Tape on a RV Skylight

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Aug 14, 2019 9:28:22 AM
Chase Corp Editor
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Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 3.27.26 PMAre you a Camper/RV enthusiast? Year after year you probably encounter the same situation. The skylight on the camper's roof will start leaking. This blog will explain how to permanently seal it, preventing from future water leaks. 

Step #1: 

Before starting the fix, we suggest having the tools prepared. These tools can be:

Step #2: 

Clean the surface with solvent

Step #3: 

Cut the tape to size and remove the release liner

Step #4: 

Apply to surface

Step #5: 

Make sure to work air bubbles out

Step #6: 

Use a roller to firmly press tape to the surface 

The quality and strength of the 4EvaSeal Waterproofing Tapes are guaranteed by Chase Corporation. This product has been engineered to prevent water intrusion. They are also UV resistant, allowing a better duration. 


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