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4EvaSeal:  The Only Waterproofing Tape You Need

Posted by Nick Leuci on May 24, 2018 2:23:28 PM
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There are several different versions of 4EvaSeal® waterproofing tape.  Each is designed for a specific use or uses. So, how do you choose the right one for your application? Let’s review the product line and break down the materials that form each product to better understand how and where each version of 4EvaSeal® can be used.

4EvaSeal® Waterproofing Tapes Explained!

4EvaSeal® tapes are one-step, easy-to-use products available with a wide variety of backings.  These tapes have the most aggressive elastomeric polymer adhesive on the market today. Once installed they are impermeable to water and water vapor. The elastomeric polymer adhesive is pressure sensitive and bonds permanently to most materials. 4EvaSeal® provides a permanent seal when installed correctly.

 What Is 4EvaSeal® Made of and Where Can I use it?

Each product has three main components: the backing, the adhesive and the release liner. 

Backing – The backing is the portion of the product that is exposed when installed. It’s the side that “faces up.” Each backing has features that differentiate it from other products. The available backings and their characteristics include the following:

1. MAF Backing – MAF is an acronym for “multi alloy film.” The acronym can be misleading, however, since there is no metallic material in the film.

4EvaSeal Multipurpose TapeIt is a rubberized plastic. MAF film is a severe-duty, thick, 8 mil film that is UV stable, tough and durable. 4EvaSeal® multipurpose tape is the only product that utilizes this backing and should be selected for applications that will remain outdoors and be exposed to the elements.


            Multipurpose Tape Application

  • ideal for use in outdoor exposures
  • easy-to-apply, aggressive adhesive
  • available in white, black, gray and tan


Fabric Tape w logo

 2. Fabric Backing – The fabric backing is a polyester textile fabric. Its porous nature of the fabric allows paints, coatings or liquid-applied waterproofing products to soak in and bond            aggressively to the top of the tape. The fabric tape is stretchable, so it can conform to some irregularities prior to painting or coating. It is not UV stable and should not be left  exposed to the elements.                      


            Fabric Backed Tape Application

  • Fabric Tape designed to be painted
  • adheres to most materials 
  • applies easily to complex shapes

 3. Aluminum backing – This is a 4 mil thick aluminum film with the greatest level of UV resistance, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications where an aluminum color or finish is desired.


Aluminum Tape Application

  • heavy duty aluminum backing
  • aluminum finish for best UV resistance



4. NO backing 4EvaSeal double-sided tape has a release liner on both sides and does not have a backing. This product is just adhesive between two removable plastic poly sheets. It’s intended for use as a seal or gasket between two layers. Double-sided tape is not UV stable and should not be left exposed in outdoor environments.

             Double Sided Tape Application

  • double-sided for bonding and sealing
  • available in different thicknesses
  • perfect for use as a gasket and sealing gaps

5. Polypropylene backing -  This is a plastic film used exclusively on our 4EvaSeal® butyl 

Butyl Product-Image-2-web

products. It is a 5 mil film of plastic that can be left exposed to the outdoor environment for up to 90 days. 4EvaSeal® butyl products with this backing are used under roof systems or siding as waterproof roof underlayment and window or door flashings.

            High-Temperature Butyl Underlayment Application

  • for use under roof systems where high heat is present
  • suitable for exposure to temperatures as high as 300 F

            Butyl Window and Door Flashing Application

  • self-sealing and compatible with PVC
  • easy to use, bonds in cold temperatures

Adhesive – The adhesive is the “sticky stuff” on the tape. There are two adhesives in the 4EvaSeal® product line: 

  1. Gray elastomeric polymer adhesive – a very sticky adhesive that bonds to most materials. It is suitable for use in temperatures below 200F and is impermeable to water.
  2. Black butyl adhesive – Designed for high-temperature applications, it is used exclusively on 4EvaSeal® window and door flashings and underlayment.

Release liner – This is the final component. The release liner covers the adhesive to keep it clean prior to use. It is removed to expose the adhesive during the application process and is discarded.

There are many uses for each variation of 4EvaSeal products. Some of the common applications include:

  • roof repair of EPDM and single-ply or RV roof repair;
  • repairing rips or seams in tarps;
  • sealing around windows, doors or skylights;
  • sealing vapor barriers to concrete;
  • reinforcing details for paint, coatings, or waterproofing with fabric tape;
  • self-sealing roof underlayment;
  • and many more…

4EvaSeal Waterproofing Tape Application Chart

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