Testing the Bond of Waterproofing Tapes in 6 Simple Steps!

Posted by Daniel Libby on Feb 20, 2018 11:36:00 AM

Waterproofing tapes are used for various applications throughout the automotive, building, and construction markets. Many of these applications require a permanent bond to the substrate to prevent water or vapor permeation, but how do you know your tape application will meet that requirement?

One way to assess the bond is by testing the tape’s peel adhesion to the substrate being used. While peel testing can help to determine compatibility between the tape and the substrate, it can also help you figure out if the surface preparation or application procedures are adequate to provide the required adhesion. Peel testing is a destructive test method. It is often used prior to the start of a project to verify that the application procedure will result in an acceptable bond and to confirm that the project requirements are met.

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