How to Fix Your RV / Camper Leaks with 4EvaSeal Waterproofing Tapes

Posted by Marty Schultz on Nov 8, 2017 11:09:00 AM

Recreational Vehicle (RV) roofs have to endure weather conditions of every other type of roof but also need to handle 70 mph winds on the highway.  The roof will flex and twist as the RV is in motion and endure the occasional low hanging branch at a campground.  Damage can happen and, when it does, a permanent waterproofing repair tape is often the best solution. 

Damage can happen, and when it does, a permanent waterproofing repair tape is often the best solution. 

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The Best Waterproofing Tape in The Market is 4EvaSeal® - Study Shows

Posted by Nick Leuci on Oct 30, 2017 11:00:00 AM

The 4EvaSeal® Multi-Purpose tape shows superior performance properties to competitive brands. 

The following is the first comparison in a series where we will be testing and comparing the performance properties of 4EvaSeal® Tapes to other manufacturers.

A commonly used brand is Eternabond®.  Other brands that are not as common, but still widely used, are Sika® Multiseal Plus and Dicor DiSeal.   Since these other brands provide similar performance to Eternabond®, we determined a comparison between 4EvaSeal® and Eternabond® would be the most appropriate. 

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Pay attention to Environmental Conditions When Applying Self-adhesive Tapes

Posted by Nick Leuci on Sep 6, 2017 11:13:36 AM

Part 1 of this 2-part series we discussed the importance of inspection, cleaning, and profiling. 

See article: Surface preparation Tips for Sealing and Waterproofing Tapes (Part 1)

The final step to surface preparation, and most often overlooked is environmental monitoring.  

It is important to understand the environmental limitations of self-adhesive materials and to ensure that the application of these materials is performed within their limitations for a successful application. 

The limitations of these products are typically found on product data sheets.  Always contact the manufacturer if the product data sheet does not contain information on how temperatures and humidity can affect the application of the product intended for use.

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Surface Preparation Tips for Sealing and Waterproofing Tapes (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by Nick Leuci on Aug 24, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Peel-and-Stick seal and waterproof tapes are commonly used to prevent water from intruding into structures such as homes, commercial buildings, and recreational vehicles.  These tapes provide outstanding long-term and life time performance when used properly.  Proper use of tapes refers to not only the service environment but also how the tapes have been applied to details of complex shapes and penetrations and, most importantly, how well the surface has been prepared for application.    

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Gutter Repair Simplified

Posted by Nick Leuci on Aug 7, 2017 11:05:00 AM

Roof gutters are designed to collect rainwater from roofing systems and divert water away from the building to prevent water damage to the building structure.  When roof gutters fail, water can interact with the building structure and causing staining, rot, mold, and leaks into the building interior.  The point of failure (“the leak”) is nearly always at the point of the seaming the gutter.  To prevent this from happening, it is important to understand how gutters are constructed, areas that can fail, and best practices to repair them.

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Maximizing Adhesion of Peel and Stick Tapes in 3 Simple Steps

Posted by Nick Leuci on Jul 18, 2017 8:19:46 AM

To maximize the performance of any sealant tape,  the surface to which the tape is applied must be clean and prepared properly.  A properly prepared surface will allow the tape to achieve its greatest bond.  The better the bond, the lower the chance that the tape will peel, dis-bond or separate from the surface at some point in the future.

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How to Select The Right Tape for Long-Term Performance

Posted by Nick Leuci on Jun 26, 2017 1:11:44 PM

There are many sealant tapes to choose from if you are you looking for a simple solution to seal a hole, seam, or tear in your single ply roof.  So, the question is, how do you choose the best tape for your needs?  Most are competitively priced, but are the quality of the tapes equal as well?

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Posted by Christian Silahian on Jun 7, 2017 8:40:48 AM

4EvaSeal® tape stops leaks, stays bonded, and prevents costly damage to your assets.

4EvaSeal® products utilize an advanced elastomeric adhesive to bond aggressively to nearly all common construction materials. It forms a permanent bond and will not break down if exposed to water or water vapor.  

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